How to Replace Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter – The Ultimate Guide

Do you know you have to replace your Kenmore refrigerator water filter regularly for about six-month use? A filter of refrigerator could reduce contaminants from getting into your drinking water like iron, chlorine and rust, delivering continuous fresh and clean water. However, the water filter of your Kenmore refrigerator would be useless after 6-month use due to the filtered impurities clog the filter cartridge. Once the filter has clogged, you can no longer dispense water, and the water you drink could hardly healthy.

Actually, replace and re-install a new water filter for your Kenmore refrigerator would be very easy without any instructions but we will still flesh out the details on how to carry out each of the stated steps so that you can change the water filter the right way. By following this post, you could be able to replace your refrigerator water filter like a pro.

Part 1: Choose the Appropriate Filter for Your Refrigerator

Before replace the filter for your fridge, you should firstly locate the original filter where installed, and find the refrigerator model or the filter part number for further purchase, in case of wrong choice, which may cause couldn’t be installed in your Kenmore refrigerator.

Find your refrigerator model or the original filter part number

It is important that you get the right water filter that fits your refrigerator. To know the right one, check the model and part number of your Kenmore refrigerator either on the body or in the user manual.

Locate the filter compartment inside your fridge

It’s unnecessary to refer to your refrigerator user manual for this, since it’s almost always possible to predict the filter location based on your fridge’s basic info:

  • All smart fridges: Top left corner (sometimes behind the top shelf)
  • French door fridges (two fridge doors with a bottom freezer): In the fridge door, inside the lowest compartment.
  • Side-by-side fridge/freezers (two full-length doors): For most models, in the top right corner.

Buy a water filter compatible for your refrigerator

When you need replace your water filter for a new one. The most important things is to ensure it’s compatible with the fridge you have or else it may not work or fit. You can either buy the same brand filter (usually more expensive) as your fridge or a third-party filter (cost-effective in comparison) that fits in your model. You can alao buy kenmore refrigerator filters from mighty filters, which provides premium quality yet cheap price water filters..

Part 2: Step by Step Installation Guide

As we mention below, generally, the water filter will be located inside or at the bottom of your Kenmore refrigerator. Therefore, we will divide into two parts of showing the tutorials.

For Filter inside the Refrigerator

Step 1: Press or draw the tab on the filter area to open it.

Look for a button or tab on completion of the cynical tube closest to you. Either push or pull the tab to open up the compartment and also subject the old filter.

Step 2: Spin the filter counterclockwise and also draw it out.

Grab the main body of the filter as well as spin it counterclockwise to loosen it. Rotate the filter by a quarter turn and also carefully draw it towards you to take it out. If your filter does not twist when you attempt to revolve it, after that it might merely draw right out of the area. When you eliminate the filter, you can throw it away or reuse it.

Step 3: Take the seal the end of the brand-new filter.

Take the brand-new strain of the box as well as locate the cap on one end. Draw the cap off of the new filter to reveal the port that attaches to your fridge. Some filters might also have a piece of aluminum foil covering completion as well. If your filter has foil, make sure to remove it before placing the filter back in your refrigerator.

Step 4: Screw the new filter clockwise into the area.

Feed completion of the filter with the port right into the opening inside the filter area. Maintain the filter straight so you can quickly align the threading to screw it in. Turn the filter clockwise by a quarter count on safeguard the filter in location. Once the filter is attached, shut the compartment to secure it.

Step 5: Press the “Filter Reset” switch if the light above it is yellow or red.

When you alter your filter, the “Filter Reset” button near your water dispenser may have a yellow or traffic signal. When the brand-new filter is in area, hold the button down for regarding 3 seconds so your refrigerator finds the brand-new filter. The light will certainly either head out or it will certainly transform a blue or green shade. The switches may get on the inside of your refrigerator door if they aren’t in front. If the light doesn’t change colors, then try securing the filter as well as putting it back in once again.

For Filter at Bottom of the Refrigerator

Step 1: Twist the dial on the bottom of the fridge counterclockwise to pull it out.

Turn the dial counterclockwise by a quarter turn to unlock it from place and then pull the filter straight out of your fridge until it’s completely removed.

Step 2: Slide the dial handle onto the new filter.

See which means the dial slides on completion of your old filter, as well as press or draw the dial perpendicular to the filter to remove it. Line up the edges on the end of your new filter with the port on the dial and slide it right into place until it’s safe and secure. You can throw away or recycle your old filter when you’re finished.

Step 3: Feed the brand-new filter back right into your fridge as well as turn it clockwise.

Push the end of the filter that attaches to your refrigerator into the filter compartment until it clicks right into place. Rotate the dial clockwise by a quarter look to secure it back in place. Once the filter is protected, you can utilize the water dispenser as well as ice maker in your refrigerator once again.

Step 4: Press the “Filter Reset” button if the light above it is yellow or red.

The same as method 1 step 5.

Part 3: FAQ about Replacing Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter

Is necessary to replace water filter for my Kenmore fridge.

Strongly Recommended that you should replace the water filter in your refrigerator to maintain the quality of water that you drink.

The water filter functions as delivering fresh and clean water by filtering out dirt, microorganisms, chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances that you may not see with your eyes. In case you don’t know, the water that runs through your tap might still contain some level of herbicides, pesticides, benzene, etc. Treatment residue like chlorine and other substances like asbestos too could be in your water.

How long should I need replace the filter

Generally, we suggest you change your refrigerator’s filter every 6 months. However, you could also change your filter earlier If you notice a change in taste, smell and quality of your water.

Besides, it also depends on how fast your water filter gets clogged, you might have to change it earlier. This especially applies if you live in an area with hard water or relatively less clean water supply.

Will the water work without a filter?

In most cases, yes. However, it may not be safe to drink if you are not using a filter.

How much water should I pass through a new filter after installing it?

About 3 Gallons before using the water.

Can refrigerator water filters be washed and reused?

Yes, but would be useless after 6-month use, even if you washed it and install it again.

Can you remove a water filter from a refrigerator?

Yes. Most refrigerators have their water filtration systems with the built-in water dispensers. Maybe there’s a water filtration system already in your home and you want to remove the one installed in the refrigerator. Regardless, it’s an easy process to remove a water filter from a refrigerator.

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