how to install ge refrigerator water filter

How to Replace and Install GE Refrigerator Water Filter

The water filter in your refrigerator should be replaced every six (6) months or after every 200 gallons of dispensed water. The filter should be replaced more frequently if the flow of water to the icemaker or dispenser decreases. Note: The water supply to the refrigerator does not have to be turned off when replacing the water filter.

How to Remove and Replace the MWF or XWF Filter Cartridge:

  1. Before removing the old filter, place a cloth beneath the filter to catch the few drops of water that may fall when the filter is removed.
  2. Grasp the filter and turn it to the left until it stops. While you are turning the filter, also be gently pulling it downward from the filter head. Keep the filter level to minimize water spillage. If the filter doesn’t come loose easily, air may be trapped inside. To relieve any pressure, push in on the water dispenser and the filter should drop right out.
  3. Remove and discard the plastic cap from the new filter. Fill the top of the replacement filter with water from the tap. Place the filter inside the cartridge holder by aligning the arrow on your filter with the cartridge holder. If there is no arrow on the cartridge holder too, just make sure the filter is facing forward when inserted. Push the filter gently upward to engage the top of the cartridge in the filter head.
  4. Slowly turn the filter to the right until the filter cartridge stops turning. As you turn the cartridge, it will automatically rise into position.
  5. After the filter has been replaced, trapped air must be purged out of the system. Select Water on the dispenser selector and press the pad until water begins to flow. The first few ounces of water may sputter due to air in the replacement filter. This is normal. Continue to dispense approximately 1-2 gallons of water to make sure all air is purged from the system.

How to Replace and Install MWF filter

How to Replace and Install XWF filter

Maintenance For Refrigerator Water Filtration System.

  • Flush Filter with Water from Dispenser (Approximately 2 gallons) until Water Runs Clear and air is purged from system.
  • Write the date of installation on the filter and mark your calendar for 4 – 6 months as a reminder to Change Your Filter.

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