Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter 2 – EDR2RXD1

everydrop filter 2

Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter 2 – EDR2RXD1

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  • Replace Whirlpool W10413645A
  • NSF certified to reduce 28 contaminants including lead, pesticides and pharmaceuticals
  • For continuous fresh tasting water, replace your Everydrop Water Filter every 6 months
  • Compatible with Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and JennAir refrigerators

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Enjoy clean and fresh refrigerator ice and water by Everydrop Filter 2 Water Filter (part number EDR2RXD1). It fits brand refrigerators such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana and KitchenAid. Certified by NSF/ANSI 42,53 and 401, the Everydrop filter 2 could reduce 99% of lead and 28 contaminants including lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne parasites. To ensure optimum filtration performance, it’s highly recommended replacing the filter every 6 months.

Mighty Filters provide OEM replacement Everydrop filter 2 EDR2RXD1 with bulk sale price, making it affordable for every family to enjoy the continuous clean and fresh ice and water. The Everydrop filter 2 3-Pack is the best choice for customers. 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Fits Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and JennAir brands
  • Certified to reduce 99% of lead, offering superior contaminant reduction for your family
  • NSF/ANSI 42,53 and 401 Certified.
  • Replaces W10413645A, 9082, P6RFWB2, P6WB2L, P6WB2NL
  • Easy to Install
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • 30 day return and exchange, 1-year warranty.

Purchasing FAQs

How often should I change the filter 2 ?

Generally, 6 month

How to Install Everydrop filter 2?

It’s easy to install the filter, if not sure, you could refer this guide.

Why your Everydrop is so cheap?

Limited-time, limited-quantity bulk sale price.

Is the Everydrop filter 2 fits my fridge?

Refer “Compatible models” for more information.

The Item Whirlpool Everydrop Filter 2 filter EDR2RXD1  is compatibable with the refrigerator part numbers and models below.

Compatible with Refrigerator Part Numbers

Compatible with Refrigerator Models

  • Kenmore
    106.7947.241, 106.7947.341, 596.7238.2411, 596.7238.3410, 596.7238.3411, 596.7238.3412, 596.7238.3413
  • MayTag
    7MF2976AEM00, 7MF2976AEM01, 7MF2976AEM02, 7MF2976AEM03, 7WF736SDAM10, 7WF736SDAM11, 7WF736SDAM12, 7WF736SDAM13, 7WF736SDAM14, ALOVE18FLC00, ALOVE24FLC00, ALOVE24RRC00, ALOVE30RRC00, MFB2055DRE00, MFB2055DRE01, MFB2055DRH00, MFB2055DRH01, MFB2055DRM00, MFB2055DRM01, MFB2055FRW00, MFB2055FRZ00, MFB2055YEB01, MFB2055YEB02, MFB2055YEM01, MFB2055YEM02, MFB2055YEW01, MFB2055YEW02, MFF2055DRE00, MFF2055DRE01, MFF2055DRH00, MFF2055DRH01, Mff2055drm, MFF2055DRM00, MFF2055DRM01, MFF2055DRMOO, MFF2055FRB00, MFF2055FRW00, MFF2055FRZ00, MFT2574DEE00, MFT2574DEE01, MFT2574DEE02, MFT2574DEH00, MFT2574DEH01, MFT2574DEH02, MFT2574DEM00, MFT2574DEM01, MFT2574DEM02, MFT2672AEB10, MFT2672AEB11, MFT2672AEB12, MFT2672AEM10, MFT2672AEM11, MFT2672AEM12, MFT2672AEW10, MFT2672AEW11, MFT2672AEW12, MFT2673BEB10, MFT2673BEB11, MFT2673BEB12, MFT2673BEM10, MFT2673BEM11, MFT2673BEM12, MFT2673BEW10, MFT2673BEW11, MFT2673BEW12, MFT2772HEZ00, MFT2772HEZ01, MFT2772HEZ02, MFT2776DEE00, MFT2776DEE02, MFT2776DEH00, MFT2776DEH02, MFT2776DEM00, MFT2776DEM01, MFT2776DEM02, MFT2776FEZ00, MFT2776FEZ01, MFT2778EEZ00, MFT2778EEZ01, MFT2976AEB00, MFT2976AEB01, MFT2976AEB02, MFT2976AEB03, MFT2976AEM00, MFT2976AEM01, MFT2976AEM02, MFT2976AEM03, MFT2976AEW00, MFT2976AEW01, MFT2976AEW02, MFT2976AEW03, mfw2005drmoo, MFW2055DRE00, MFW2055DRE01, MFW2055DREOO, MFW2055DRH00, MFW2055DRH01, MFW2055DRM00, MFW2055DRM01, MFW2055DRMO1, MFW2055FRH00, MFW2055FRZ00, MFW2055YEB00, MFW2055YEB01, MFW2055YEB02, MFW2055YEM00, MFW2055YEM01, MFW2055YEM02, MFW2055YEW00, MFW2055YEW01, MFW2055YEW02, Mfw2500frz, MFX2676FRZ00, MFX2876DRE00, MFX2876DRE01, MFX2876DRE02, MFX2876DRH00, MFX2876DRH01, MFX2876DRH02, MFX2876DRM00, MFX2876DRM01, MFX2876DRM02
  • IKEA
  • Jenn Air
  • KitchenAid
    KFFS20EYBL00, KFFS20EYBL01, KFFS20EYBL02, KFFS20EYBL04, KFFS20EYMS00, KFFS20EYMS01, KFFS20EYMS02, KFFS20EYMS04, kffs20eymsoo, KFFS20EYWH00, KFFS20EYWH01, KFFS20EYWH02, KFFS20EYWH04, KFIS29BBBL00, KFIS29BBBL01, KFIS29BBBL02, KFIS29BBBL03, KFIS29BBMS00, KFIS29BBMS01, KFIS29BBMS02, KFIS29BBMS03, KFIS29BBWH00, KFIS29BBWH01, KFIS29BBWH02, KFIS29BBWH03, KFIS29PBMS00, KFIS29PBMS01, KFIS29PBMS02, KFIS29PBMS03, KFIV29PCMS00, KFIV29PCMS01, KFIV29PCMS02, KFIV29PCMS03, KRFC604FSS00, KRFC604FSS01, KRFC604FSS02, KRFC604FSS03, KRFC704BS00, KRFC704F, KRFC704FBS, KRFC704FBS00, KRFC704FBS01, KRFC704FBS02, KRFC704FBS03, KRFC704FBsoo, KRFC704ffs00, krfc704fp204, KRFC704FPS00, KRFC704FPS01, KRFC704FPS03, KRFC704FPS04, KRFC704FSS00, KRFC704FSS01, KRFC704FSS02, KRFC704FSS03, krfc704ss00, KRFC804GBS00, KRFC804GPS00, KRFC804GSS00, KRFF300EBL00, KRff300EBS, KRFF300EBS00, KRFF300ESS00, KRFF300ESS01, KRFF300EWH0, KRFF300EWH00, KRFF300EWH01, krff30ewh01, KRFF507EBL00, KRFF507EBL01, KRFF507ESS00, KRFF507ESS01, KRFF507EWH00, KRFF507EWH01, KRFF507H, KRFF507HBL00, KRFF507HBS00, KRFF507HBS02, KRFF507HP501, krff507hp5700, krff507hps, KRFF507HPS00, KRFF507HPS01, KRFF507HPS02, KRFF507HPS500, KRFF507HPSS, KRFF507HWH00, KRFF507HWH02, KRFF507HWHOO, KRFF707EBS00, KRFF707ESS00, KRFF707ESS01, KRMF606ESS00, KRMF606ESS01, KRMF706EBS00, KRMF706EBS01, KRMF706EBS04, KRMF706ESS00, KRMF706ESS01, KRMF706ESS02, KRMF706ESS04,
  • Whirlpool
    WRF560SEYMO5, wrf560seywoo, WRF560SFHB00, WRF560SFHV00, WRF560SFHW00, WRF560SFHZ00, WRF560SFYB00, WRF560SFYB01, WRF560SFYB02, WRF560SFYB04, WRF560SFYB05, WRF560SFYE00, WRF560SFYE02, WRF560SFYE03, WRF560SFYH01, WRF560SFYH02, WRF560SFYH03, WRF560SFYH04, WRF560SFYM00, WRF560SFYM01, WRF560SFYM02, WRF560SFYM04, WRF560SFYM05, WRF560SFYW00, WRF560SFYW01, WRF560SFYW02, WRF560SFYW04, WRF560SFYW05, WRF560SMY, WRF560SMY04, WRF560SMYB00, WRF560SMYB01, WRF560SMYB02, WRF560SMYB04, WRF560SMYB05, WRF560SMYE00, WRF560SMYE01, WRF560SMYE02, WRF560SMYE03, WRF560SMYE04, WRF560SMYH00, WRF560SMYH01, WRF560SMYH02, WRF560SMYH03, WRF560SMYH04, WRF560SMYM00, WRF560SMYM01, WRF560SMYM02, WRF560SMYM04, WRF560SMYM05, WRF560SMYMO5, WRF560SMYW00, WRF560SMYW01, WRF560SMYW02, WRF560SMYW04, WRF560SMYW05, Wrf735sda, wrf736dam, WRF736SDA, WRF736SDAB10, WRF736SDAB11, WRF736SDAB12, WRF736SDAB13, WRF736SDAB14, WRF736SDAF10, WRF736SDAF12, WRF736SDAM10, WRF736SDAM11, WRF736SDAM12, WRF736SDAM13, WRF736SDAM14, WRF736SDAW10, WRF736SDAW11, WRF736SDAW12, WRF736SDAW13, WRF736SDAW14, wrf757dhz02, WRF757SDEE00, WRF757SDEE01, WRF757SDEH00, WRF757SDEH01, WRF757SDEM, WRF757SDEM00, WRF757SDEM01, WRF757SDH, Wrf757sdh02, WRF757SDHV00, WRF757SDHZ00, WRF757SDHZ01, WRF757SDHZ02, WRF757SDHZ202, WRF7675DHZ00, WRF7675DHZ01, WRF767DHV00, wrf767dhz00, WRF767SD, WRF767SDEM, WRF767SDEM00, WRF767SDEM01, WRF767SDH, WRF767SDHV00, WRF767SDHV02, WRF767SDHZ, WRF767SDHZ00, WRF767SDHZ01, WRF767SDHZ02, WRF767SDHZ202, WRF767SDHZOO, wrf767sdjz00, WRF767SDzhZ00, WRF767SDZO2, wrf954chib00, WRF954CIH00, WRF954CIHB00, WRF954CIHB01, WRF954CIHM00, WRF954CIHV00, WRF954CIHV01, WRF954CIHW00, WRF954CIHW01, WRF954CIHZ00, WRF954CIHZ01, WRF954CIHZ02, WRF954CIHZ03, WRF964CIHM00, WRF964CIHV00, WRF974CIHV00, WRF974CIHZ00, WRF986SIHZ, WRF989SDAB00, WRF989SDAB01, WRF989SDAB02, WRF989SDAB03, WRF989SDAE00, WRF989SDAE01, WRF989SDAE02, WRF989SDAE03, WRF989SDAF00, WRF989SDAF01, WRF989SDAF02, WRF989SDAF03, WRF989SDAH00, WRF989SDAH01, WRF989SDAH02, WRF989SDAH03, WRF989SDAM00, WRF989SDAM01, WRF989SDAM02, WRF989SDAM03, WRF989SDAW00, WRF989SDAW01, WRF989SDAW02, WRF989SDAW03, WRF990SLAB00, WRF990SLAM00, WRF990SLAM01, WRF990SLAM02, WRF990SLAM03, WRF990SLAW00, WRF991BOOM00, WRF991BOOM01, WRF992FIFE00, WRF992FIFH00, WRF992FIFM00, WRF993FIFM00, WRF995FIFZ00, WRF997SDDM00, WRF997SDDM02, WRFA60SMHN00, WRFA60SMHZ00, WRV976FDEM00, WRV976FDEM01, WRV986FDEM00, WRV986FDEM01, Wrv986fdemo1, WRV996FDEE00, WRV996FDEE01, WRV996FDEE02, WRV996FDEH00, WRV996FDEH01, WRV996FDEM00, WRV996FDEM01, wrx986s1hz, WRX986S1HZ00, wrx986sih, WRX986SIH2, WRX986SIHV00, WRX986SIHV02, WRX986SIHVOO, WRX986SIHZ00, WRX986SIHZ01, WRX986SIHZ02, wrx986sihzoo, wrx988s, WRX988SIBB00, WRX988SIBB01, WRX988SIBE00, WRX988SIBE01, WRX988SIBE02, WRX988SIBE03, WRX988SIBH00, WRX988SIBH01, WRX988SIBH02, WRX988SIBH03, WRX988SIBM00, WRX988SIBM01, WRX988SIBM02, WRX988SIBM03, WRX988SIBW00, WRX988SIBW01,

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1-Pack, 2-Pack ($32.99 each), 3-Pack ($30.99 each), 4-Pack ($28.99 Each)

15 reviews for Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter 2 – EDR2RXD1

  1. 5 out of 5


    Gives us a great glass of water to drink

  2. 5 out of 5


    Product worked perfectly, was exact fit as advertised.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I buy this every 5-6 months for my fridge. The water and ice taste great and I feel like the filter is very well designed. The most important thing is the price is not expensive, affordable for me.

  4. 5 out of 5


    It was easy to install and helped maintained good tasting water

  5. 5 out of 5


    Easy to install great fit for my whirlpool refrigerator.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Like.easy to install, comes immediately.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I’ve tried another brand and it took several gallons of water to get to clear water. I will only purchase this brand. I wish they had a mail in recycle plan and the filters is cheaper than amazon.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Thus was the filter I needed. It took longer to get out of the package than to install it. We purchased a new home that had a Whirlpool refrigerator that took this filter. We have treated well water and the water from the dispenser had an odd taste to it. A new filter did the trick and it tastes perfect now.

  9. 5 out of 5


    works well and fits OK (not as the factory) it seem to be a bit thinner so it does not lock in correctly.

  10. 5 out of 5


    I liked how easy it was to remove the old filter install the new one. Package arrived will packaged and protected.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I needed a new filter for my refrigerator. It was easy to install but the amount of water coming out of the filter right after the installation was worrisome.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Nice price I could find. Works well.

  13. 5 out of 5


    A little expensive but the tradeoff is the quality water and the length of time I get between change outs. So far so good.

  14. 5 out of 5


    Did its work, easy to install.

  15. 5 out of 5


    I normally buy this replacement filter for our refrigerator at one of the big box hardware stores. When Amazon will deliver it to my house and save me a 30 minute drive to my nearest hardware store, it’s a no brainer.

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